offers a diverse range of rental equipment categories, including pressure, temperature, subsea, optical, analysis, radio, and pumps. Their flexible and customizable rental solutions provide high-quality, reliable, and efficient equipment for short- or long-term projects.


Accurate pressure measurement is essential for ensuring the safety and efficiency of oil and gas operations. At IKM Measurement Services, we understand the critical role that pressure equipment plays in these operations, which is why we offer a range of pressure equipment for rent, including pressure gauges, transmitters, calibrators, and more.

Our pressure equipment is available for short- or long-term rental, providing flexibility for your projects. Whether you need equipment for a few days or several months, we can provide a solution that meets your needs. Our equipment is maintained to the highest standards to ensure accuracy and reliability, and our experienced technicians can provide support and guidance to help you get the most out of your rental.

Pressure Products

Pressure Gauge

A pressure gauge is an instrument used to measure the pressure of gases or liquids. It typically consists of a dial, a pointer, and a bourdon tube, which deforms in response to the pressure and moves the pointer on the dial to indicate the pressure reading.


Pressure Indicator

A pressure indicator is a device used to display and monitor pressure measurements. It can be used for various applications, such as industrial process control, fluid flow measurement, and monitoring of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The indicator may be digital or analog, and can display pressure readings in various units such as PSI, kPa, or bar.


Pressure Recorder

A pressure recorder is a device that is used to continuously measure and record changes in pressure over time. It can be used to monitor and analyze the performance of systems, such as industrial processes or hydraulic systems. It typically uses a sensing element and a data acquisition system to record and store pressure readings.


Data Logger

A data logger is an electronic device that records and stores data over time. It typically consists of sensors, a microprocessor, and data storage. Data loggers can be used in various applications to measure and record parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure, light, and more.


Pressure Calibrator

A pressure calibrator is a device used to calibrate or verify the accuracy of pressure-measuring instruments. It can be either a handheld or a benchtop unit that generates a known pressure and compares it with the reading from the instrument under test to determine any deviation.


Pressure Transmitter

Pressure transmitter is an instrument that measures and converts pressure readings into electrical signals. It is widely used in industrial and automation processes to monitor and control pressure levels in pipelines, tanks, and other equipment. The transmitter's output signals can be transmitted to control systems or data acquisition systems for further processing and analysis.


Subsea Data Logger

A subsea data logger is an electronic device designed to record and store data from various sensors deployed in underwater environments. It can be used for monitoring oceanographic parameters, underwater structures, and subsea equipment performance.


Process Calibrator

Process Calibrator is a calibration tool used to calibrate and test industrial instrumentation, such as pressure transmitters, temperature sensors, and flow meters. It can simulate signals, measure and output a range of electrical and physical values to verify accuracy and diagnose faults.


Pressure Indictator With Datalogging

A pressure indicator with datalogging capability is a device used to measure and record pressure levels over time. It typically has a built-in data logger to store pressure readings for later analysis and may include other features such as alarm functions or wireless communication capabilities.


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