offers a diverse range of rental equipment categories, including pressure, temperature, subsea, optical, analysis, radio, and pumps. Their flexible and customizable rental solutions provide high-quality, reliable, and efficient equipment for short- or long-term projects.


In addition to our core product categories, IKM Measurement Services also offers a variety of miscellaneous equipment for rent. These include tachometers for measuring the rotational speed of shafts or disks, gas detectors for detecting the presence of gas in the air, and hygrometers for measuring humidity levels. We also offer coating thickness gauges for measuring the thickness of coatings on a variety of surfaces, ultrasonic inspection instruments for non-destructive testing, and lux meters and sound level meters for measuring light and sound levels.

Our indoor air quality monitoring equipment can help ensure a safe and healthy working environment, while our vibration, shaft alignment, and compression/tensile load cell equipment can help you maintain optimal performance and prevent downtime. Additionally, we offer specialized equipment such as fire simulators, ATEX mobile phones and cameras, and portable video boroscopes for inspections in hard-to-reach areas.

Miscellaneous Products

Magnetic Field Hitester

The magnetic field hitester available for rent from IKM is a reliable and accurate tool for measuring magnetic field strength in a variety of applications. With its easy-to-read digital display and compact design, it is a convenient and efficient solution for measuring magnetic fields in industrial, laboratory, and research settings.



A tachometer, also known as a "tacometer," is a device used to measure the speed of rotation of a shaft or disk. It is commonly used in automotive and industrial applications to measure the speed of engines, motors, and other rotating equipment. Tachometers can be analog or digital and use various sensing methods such as contact or non-contact.



Hygrometers are instruments used to measure the moisture content of gases or solids. They can provide readings for humidity, dew point, and other moisture-related parameters.


Ultrasonic Inspection Instruments

Ultrasonic inspection instruments use high-frequency sound waves to detect and measure flaws or thicknesses in materials. They are commonly used in industrial settings for non-destructive testing of metals, plastics, and composites, as well as in the medical field for diagnostic imaging.


Portable Video Boroscope

A portable video borescope is a device used for remote visual inspection. It consists of a flexible probe with a camera at the end, which can be inserted into narrow or hard-to-reach spaces. The camera displays real-time images on a handheld screen or mobile device.


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