offers a diverse range of rental equipment categories, including pressure, temperature, subsea, optical, analysis, radio, and pumps. Their flexible and customizable rental solutions provide high-quality, reliable, and efficient equipment for short- or long-term projects.


Accurate analysis is essential for ensuring the quality and safety of oil and gas operations. At IKM Measurement Services, we understand the importance of reliable analysis equipment, which is why we offer a range of analysis equipment for rent, including gas chromatographs, moisture analysers, spectrometers, and more.

Our analysis equipment is available for short- or long-term rental, providing flexibility for your projects. Whether you need equipment for a few days or several months, we can provide a solution that meets your needs. Our equipment is maintained to the highest standards to ensure accuracy and reliability, and our experienced technicians can provide support and guidance to help you get the most out of your rental.

Analysis Products

Particle Counter

A particle counter is a device used to measure the concentration of particles in a fluid or air sample. It is commonly used in cleanroom environments, manufacturing facilities, and laboratories to monitor air quality and detect the presence of airborne contaminants.


Oil In Water Analyzer

Oil In Water Analyzer is a device used to measure the concentration of oil particles in water. It is typically used in industrial applications, where the presence of oil in water can cause pollution and damage to the environment. The analyzer uses various techniques, such as UV fluorescence or infrared absorption, to detect and measure the concentration of oil in water.


Water In Oil Instrument

Water in oil instruments are used to measure the amount of water present in oil. The presence of water in oil can lead to corrosion, damage to equipment, and degradation of the oil itself. These instruments use different methods to measure the water content, such as capacitance, infrared absorption, and Karl Fischer titration.


Conductivity Meter

A conductivity meter is an analytical instrument used to measure the electrical conductivity of a solution, which indicates the solution's ability to conduct electricity and therefore its ionic content.


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